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Purchases (5)

How long does it take for my purchase to be identified?
The stores usually take up to 48 hours to let us know of purchases, but this period may be extended for several days.
I made a purchase but i don't see my cash back
  • Your purchase is very recent and still is in the correct time;
  • You were not logged on our website when clicking "Activate & go to Store";
  • Have you visited any other site after being redirected by us. If so, the store is not able to link your purchase to our link and so we do not receive commission for the purchase, making it impossible for the cash back be linked to your account;
  • You have used some code or discount coupon or gift certificate that was not in our website, which was provided by another site, bank, or even by the store;
  • You bought in wedding lists;
  • Cookies are disabled in your browser.
I forgot to activate the cashback, can i still receive?
Unfortunately no. If the cash back was not activated before your purchase, the store cannot identify that the purchase came from us. So, we do not receive our commission and will not be able to pay you the cash back.
My purchase was canceled
Your purchase may have been canceled if the store you made your purchase has identified a problem in the process of payment or delivery.
If you have already received your purchase smoothly and the transaction is canceled, contact us and we will be pleased to help you by contacting the partner shop.
My purchase still have pending status
Purchases can be with the pending status for up to 90 days.
This is the time that the stores have to let us know that your purchase is confirmed.
This time is required for the entire process of purchase order confirmation and delivery are carried out successfully and that you do not return your purchase.

Payment (4)

I need to pay for my payment?
No! Here's all free! You do not pay any fee to request your payment.
When can I request the payment of my balance?
When your balance is at least U$ 5 USD, you can request a free payment.
What payment methods are available?
You can request free payment to your local bank account in Brazil or to your PayPal account.
When do I get paid?
Payments are made within 10 business days after the request.

Refer & Earn (3)

What do I get for referring friends?
Every time that your friend makes a purchase and have cash back you will receive 10% of the amount that he received back.
Enjoy and refer all your friends!
How do I refer a friend?
To refer a friend visit the Refer & Earn page and follow the steps.
How many friends can I refer?
You can refer as many friends as you want! And the more refers you have, more you will gain from it.

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